Vermont – Arrival

Okay, there is so much for me to talk about that this entry is going to take the form of a bulleted list. I figure that will be easier to understand than a giant stream of consciousness paragraph!

  • 50 MPH speed limits? C’mon guys…
  • Wow…Bennington, VT and the Bennington Battle Monument are absolutely striking against their mountain backdrop!
  • So I’m at a stoplight in Rutland, and a yellowjacket decides to fly in my window and land on my thigh. LOL WTF?! I now have bug guts smashed into my wallet as a result. I managed not to hold up traffic though!
  • Burlington was much easier to get through than expected. There are some pretty interesting intersections in Middlebury and Bennington though.
  • Grand Isle/South Hero Island are pretty far out! South Hero was smaller than expected.
  • Grand Isle State Park has a lovely girl registering people at the office…
  • I really like the fact there are trees between sites here at Grand Isle…much more privacy. In fact, the park is much quieter versus other state parks I’ve been to.
  • On the other hand, I wish I would’ve picked a site farther from an intersection on the road loop.
  • Push button faucets? Coin-op showers? Are you f’ing kidding me? I may as well have gone out and really roughed it!
  • Protip: Don’t mess around with off-brand charcoal. Get Kingsford Match Light. Your food may have a mild lighter fluid flavor, but at least you’ll have warm food grilled in a few minutes!
  • Hot Sauce from Beyond Hell – Heh, talk about truth in advertising!!! The Beyond Hot flavor is my max. It actually tastes pretty good too. The Beyond Hell flavor just sounds scary!

More to come….

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