Vermont – Day Five

Let’s see what happened today…

  • Finally started taking advantage of my GPS route capabilities and plotted my way around Savage Island.
  • On my way to Savage Island I blew off a couple other kayakers who may have wanted to talk. Oh well. Their boats were on the rack when I got back.
  • Good grief people run fast and close in this lake! The seaplane buzzing around the boat ramp isn’t too reassuring either.
  • Super tired. Showered and decided to go into Burlington.
  • Burlington and South Burlington may rival Traverse City for the worst traffic and sprawl I’ve seen to date. Had to make a Michigan left on Dorset! Wow.
  • EMS in Burlington is HUGE! Wow. Somehow I managed to leave after purchasing a mere $4 in Clif Shot Bloks!
  • Oops, wrong turn on to US 2 East…away from downtown…
  • Came back to South Hero…hey my card works in the Merchant’s Bank ATM! Then it’s off to the grocery store up past Grand Isle State Park.
  • Wow, only $37 for groceries at this tiny store that included two Angus NY Strip steaks in the bargain!
  • Chatted with the neighbors…seems like a good guy. He went to Penn State so we talked college football a bit. May go over for a beer in a little bit.
  • Tomorrow I should be able to make it around Cedar Island and get to downtown Burlington. Then it’s off to Higher Ground to see Clutch and friends at 7 PM or so…

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