Vermont – Day Four

Let’s see, what happened or was of interest today….

  • Simple tasks like applying a band-aid to a newly formed blister become a lot more challenging when you’re in the middle of a lake on your kayak!
  • Grand Isle State Park has some kind of staff lodging or year round caretaker living in a private home.
  • At least one of the staff here has a ’75 Camaro with open pipes and mudders for rear tires. Sweet.
  • In the not sweet category is the clown down the way who thinks it’s cool to play crappy R&B and rap on his car stereo. That’s not why we’re here dude.
  • Apparently if you have enough money you can buy your own island in Lake Champlain. Nice.
  • WTF is with all the “fishermen” that have 150-200 hp outboards on their boats now. That’s not fishing, that’s “Bombing around the lake like an a-hole because I didn’t catch anything in the first five casts.” Jesus.

No Lake Monsters game for me. I was simply too tired after two straight days of kayaking. I hope to get down to Burlington tomorrow afternoon and check out the scene. I will probably take a swing by Ethan Allan’s homestead. Now there’s a guy who knew when to keep it real. Let’s not forget that at one point Vermont was fighting Great Britain AND New York State.

Sounds hardcore to me.

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