Vermont – Day Six

Today has been fairly uneventful, but I’m going to write a post anyway…

  • No kayaking today, the surf has been too high. Whitecaps are basically a no go condition for kayaks.
  • Spent a couple hours sitting on the small beachhead below my campsite. Man what an absolutely gorgeous spot to sit and read or just watch the waves roll in…
  • Went for a quick run around Grand Isle State Park, there are some really awesome spots with lean-tos in the northern part of the park.
  • Decided to head into Burlington, VT to hang out and get something to eat a few hours before the concert. Not sure how I feel about this town yet. Not sure I’ll be here long enough to form a solid impression.
  • A quick email check reveals that no one loves me and there are no major crises at work. I guess that’s a glass half-empty, half-full type thing.
  • Probably going to head to Sweetwater’s to eat. Everyone seems to say that is the place to be. I wonder how it stacks up against the Sweetwater Tavern in Detroit…
  • I find it a little funny that the Higher Ground ballroom is in a strip mall. That seems like a weird place for something like that.

Alright, off to eat and see the concert.

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