Vermont – Day Three

Alright, this post is going to follow the format of my prior postings on Vermont. Again, I figure that should be easier to understand than me sitting here in the Lake Champlain Islands typing out a huge rant.

  • Vermont State Parks appear to follow a Calvinist model of water distribution. Either that or folks from Arizona had set up shop to ship Lake Champlain to the desert southwest.
  • My portable charcoal grill is fantastic for cooking up some hot grub at the end of the day!
  • Some of the wood in the barn at the camp office is so seasoned that it’s rotten.
  • As always, a folding kayak is a great conversation starter.
  • On the other hand, it’s not so much fun when people are trying to converse as you board. Or when you’ve just come back from a 7 mile paddle without any kind of energy shot.
  • Lake Champlain is fairly cold, and the shores are definitely rocky with a fair number of cliffs.
  • My tent has become a colony for daddy longlegs. It’s like some kind of ’50s horror movie.
  • I’m really glad I picked up a quality entrenching tool. Otherwise I would’ve been unable to bury the giant sh*t my neighbor’s dog took by my tent this morning.
  • Vermont is really, really rural. Sometimes shockingly so, like the giant tire dump by the middle school. How did that get by the zoning board?
  • Apologies to Nabokov, but Lolita works at a grocery store on Grand Isle, VT. Yes, I am going to hell.

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