Projected 2008 Kayaking Outings, Part I

The first outing I’ve planned for 2008 is something that I’ve wanted to try for a while. The plan is to camp out in the Dunes at Petoskey State Park in Petoskey, Michigan.

This should serve as a great jumping off point for paddles along the coast of Little Traverse Bay to the marinas at Harbor Springs and Petoskey, Michigan.

The projected routes are shown in the image below. Both of them are about 7 miles long, roundtrip:


The only concerns about these two tracks are the appearance of whitecaps or excessive boat traffic. Docks or some kind of landings should be available at the midpoints of both routes.

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2 thoughts on “Projected 2008 Kayaking Outings, Part I

  1. Bob Williams says:

    did you use your Mac software to set those waypoints? What kind of wake do you see in there?

    Anyway, its real now, gonna be one “those blogger guys.” Bought my copy of ‘Death and Life’ today so I can finish at my own pace without robbing the library. And get this, couple years before Jane Jacobs died, she wrote this:
    I’m inclined to agree w her.

  2. thethirdcoast says:

    Yes, I use MacGPS Pro to lay out and save the routes for my Magellan Xplorist. I use Snap N Drag Pro to capture the section of the topo containing the route.

    I’m not as worried about boaters on Little Traverse Bay as I am worried about whitecaps, especially as I am trying to board. Something like this could be a little much:

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