Video: Shooting the Bear River Rapids

Kirk over at Hearthside Grove managed to come up with a great YouTube video of kayaking on the Bear River near Petoskey, MI:

After watching it, I really wonder if I can get a 16’6″ skin-on-frame sea kayak downriver in one piece. That may not be possible. I might just have to write about another potential journey on the Black River which is on the eastern side of Michigan’s northern lower peninsula…

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2 thoughts on “Video: Shooting the Bear River Rapids

  1. I’ve been following the progress of several communities around Michigan that are making efforts to bring sustainable whitewater resources to downtown riverscapes.

    I will be in Petoskey next weekend, April 3 & 4, and would be interested in meeting with local paddlers and, if water conditions allow, paddling the Bear. I can be reached via email: jonathanelutz at gmail dot com.

    Thanks! See you on the river.

  2. Sterpermomi says:

    Unadulterated words, some unadulterated words dude. You rocked my day!!

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