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National Paddling Film Festival Roadshow

Yeah, I realize I haven’t posted in ages. I didn’t follow through on some of my travel plans for fall 2008 and I’ve been busy skiing otherwise. I may start dropping skiing posts here since we’re having such a great winter and so many great days on our local hill.

The other item I want to mention in this post is the National Paddling Film Festival Roadshow. I was checking out the local events calendar and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it will be playing down the street from me this February 5th.

I’m definitely planning on going, and I’d recommend that all avid paddlers check to see if this film festival is coming to their neighborhood!

More info is available here:
National Paddling Film Festival Roadshow in Rochester
National Paddling Film Festival Roadshow

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BP says it won’t increase discharge into Lake Michigan

Wow, this is a HUGE victory for people that are concerned about the quality of the water in the Great Lakes! Kudos to the BP plant manager. On the other hand, I fear that he will come under huge pressure from the VIPs and shareholders in the months to come.

Watch this space!

BP says it won’t increase discharge into Lake Michigan: “SOUTH BEND, Ind. — BP America, after weeks of criticism by environmentalists and politicians, announced Thursday it will not increase the amount of pollution it dumps into Lake Michigan.”

(Via – Metro/State.)

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