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Summer 2007 Kayaking Recap: Lake Champlain, VT Part I

First I should mention Folbot’s excellent lifetime warranty and customer service when it came to replacing the C-clip that was missing on one of my crossmembers. I was able to email Wanda and she shipped the parts immediately with no hassle! It’s greatly reassuring when a company stands behind its product like this!

My earlier posts regarding Vermont basically covered my camping experience there and how my camping gear functioned. This post is the first of three detailing my on-the-water experiences in Lake Champlain, VT while camped at Grand Isle State Park.

The plot below shows the route I followed in a northerly direction from the boat launch at Grand Isle State Park. It basically passes by a couple bays and stops just short of Hyde Point. I paddled this on the afternoon of August 26th, 2007. The total length was about 6.77 miles:


Cooper Bay and Pearl Bay were interesting to paddle across, and there were several intriguing rock formations just north of the boat launch. The unnamed point where I finally turned around was also an interesting bit of scenery. I would present some pics, but unfortunately I lost them when I foolishly downloaded them from my camera to my hard drive. Oh well….

The boat traffic was surprisingly light, and again the Cooper performed flawlessly on this venture. I should also mention that Fish Bladder Island is a private island, and the islet off the north end of the island is actually linked to it via sandbar. This is due to the lower water levels we’ve recently been experiencing in the Great Lakes basin.

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Summer 2007 Kayaking Recap: Indian River, Part II

After my run to Mullett Lake on July 6th, I decided to paddle southwest towards Burt Lake on July 7th, 2007. This trip was about 5 miles in length, and the track is shown on the screencap below:


The nice thing about this trip was that the return from Burt Lake was WITH the current, and as a result it saved me a bit of work.

Once again I have to praise the performance of the Cooper. It is surprisingly nimble and quick when one needs to make a U-turn in front of a fairly trafficked channel mouth. There is simply too much boat traffic present to venture into the lake during this time of year!

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Summer 2007 Kayaking Recap: Duck Lake, MI

…so early in 2007 I bought myself a folding kayak from well-regarded manufacturer Folbot. This post is the first in a series of recaps of the things I actually did with my new boat during the past year!

The screencap below shows plots of the first two paddles I ever took in my Folbot Cooper. These voyages were done at Duck Lake, MI which is adjacent to the Michigan State Park campgrounds at Interlochen, MI. Comments follow the screencap…


The southern track was about 3.5 miles on July 1st, 2007, and the northern track was about 3 miles on July 3rd, 2007. Here are some highlights of each route:

    Duck Lake, Southern Track, 7/1/07

  • Took two hours to assemble the boat the first time!
  • Turned out I was missing a C-clip + bolt to secure the longerons to the crossframes!
  • Thankfully some helpful gents up from Chicago gave me some zip ties to finish putting the boat together! They worked nearly as well as the actual C-clip!
  • I set off from the boat launch to the southeast heading for the opposite lakeshore. Once there I downed an energy shot
  • After a brief break, I looped around and headed due south.
  • Duck Lake’s southern end is interesting because there is a great deal of treefall in the shallow areas. This leads to a rapidly deepening area in the very southwestern corner of the lake.
  • Turning back to the north I saw a guy messing around in his powerboat. Never a good sign.
  • The guy must’ve been drunk, because he managed to unintentionally beach his boat on the nose of land immediately to the right of the Green Lake Landing Strip! Haha!
  • After that I turned northwest and followed the shore back to the campground’s boat launch.
  • Humping a 50 lb., 16 ft. kayak through a campground is no joke!
  • Turned the boat upside down and tried to keep it out of the dirt at my site for the night.

    Duck Lake, Northern Track, 7/3/07

  • Got an early start, but the weather didn’t look so hot.
  • Noticed a tingling sensation in my shins, but I thought this was due to the school of minnows circling my legs.
  • Followed the shore in a northeasterly direction until a brief H2Obreak in the reeds near the mouth of Tonawanda Creek.
  • Very few powerboats in the lake, one benefit of getting an early start!
  • Came around to the southeast, then headed back to the launch in a southwesterly direction. Waves probably 1 to 1.5 feet.
  • The sky is threatening, but there is nothing more than a drizzle falling
  • Feathering my paddle right-handed 60 degrees makes a heck of a difference going into a headwind!
  • Have to mention that the Cooper is a tremendously stable and confident boat even in challenging flatwater conditions!

Overall, these were a successful pair of maiden voyages! Well, other htan the tingling in my legs that ultimately turned out to be swimmer’s itch! Argh!

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