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Summer Concert Recap


This summer was great in terms of the concerts I was able to see! This post is just a brief recap of the bands and venues I was able to hit in my travels…

The Black Crowes, Interlochen, MI, 7/3/07: This was an excellent show, the band hasn’t changed a bit since I started listening to them in the early ’90s. They played a good range of tracks and hit “Remedy” for the encore. The venue was a little odd since there were fixed seats. People piled up by the stage. I managed to forget my earplugs…BAD!

Social Distortion, Town Ballroom, Buffalo, NY, 7/20/07: The Town Ballroom is right on Main St. next to a hostel and a huge police station. Great setup for going to see a Friday night show, kicking back several drinks, and crashing overnight for $25. Social Distortion is another great live band, and they ripped through a fairly long set that included most of their classic songs. I brought earplugs this time around!

Silverchair, St. Andrew’s Hall, Detroit, MI, 8/3/07: This is the one show I really wanted to see this summer! There is a longer writeup below, but I will hit the highlights. Once again I managed to pick an incendiary live act, and I managed to get within 20 feet of the stage. They played a good mix of tracks, but the set was only an hour long. The encore sing-a-long to “Freak” will be something I never forget!

Clutch, Higher Ground Ballroom, Burlington, VT, 8/29/07: Higher Ground is a great venue even if it’s in a strip mall. I say this because I was able to work my way right up to the speaker at the left side of the stage. Thank God for earplugs! Clutch is another band with really tight chops, and they played a bilstering 2 hour set. The crowd was kind of weird, there were a lot of people who stood there like stones. Just stay home next time, ‘kay bro? Maybe next time I’ll be able to grab the sticks the drummer passed out at the end of the show!

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